You are good enough - Get the right bananas - FOR MY GIRLS

I just receive two emails today and was pretty sad. The first one was a guy calling me names and saying terrible things. I think probably is someone who i match on tinder but never go out with. I have this problem, i wish to go for a date but a few hours before i just overthink and cancel. I know is super annoying, i understand. But i don't have enough balls or patience at the moment. And i was very busy organizing my life here and writing all the time. 
The first thing you do when someone say bad things about you, probably is feel sad, before think if this are true or not you feel sad, maybe because is very frustating someone "anonimous" who you probably don't even know in real life stop his life to write bad things to you. I really don't get that. I feel in the high school when this type of thing happen. The thing is, how we should deal with this? Why women always belive in this type of bullshit? 
The second email was a girl talking about her tinder dates, she had 18 dates just on the last month. So brave. btw we love her. The fact is, when she said "don't work, i'm sorry" for all the guys, 12 just call her a bitch or something like that. Pretending don't give a fuck and acting in a not respectfull way.
How unfair is this? This is so primative, this guys look likes monkeys. Maybe is better date monkeys. They can offer you the right bananas.
  Why most of people need to make the other feel bad when the things are not the way they plan? Is easier make bad choises. Because when you do the right thing, the feeling of "care" come with. And is not exactly cool. When you start care with each others is impossible take it back. When you start to believe everyone have something good is impossibl to take back. Can be naive? Maybe, but is real. Sarcarm is totally more charming, sexy and misterious, but don't "darling" me you know? Always sounds fake. 
The thing is, we women need to be more true with ourselves. You diserve what you think is good for you and what you put you effort in. Start to be the woman you wish to be. And what type of guy this woman, if she need one(maybe don't) want to have? We are so young, and so cool, that's no point to worry about this type of "problem". So relax, and if you think the bad things is  true, talk with someone who really know you well, like your mom and your best friend. They will tell you the truth and probably if they agree with the stranger will tell you. Probably you don't have nothing to worry. Be faithfull with yourself. Is pretty cliche but kind of hard to put this on practice. We are always changing our plans if "that" guy call you. How silly and dumb is that? So don't be so available if you don't feel is fair with yourself. Do your thing. And if someone really like you, you try with all the always to be with you somehow. So don't worry, will happen. If you are sure about who you are, everything will be amazing. Just need time alone and some self exploration.
Don't stay too much time on the BHH(Black Hole Hostel), is cheap but not confortable. If you are more then one week you need to go out and need to see more things. And be there just because the guy you like pass around sometimes, is totally unfair. So go out. Run around. The reviews on trip advisor are sad, just saying. You can stay one, two days be sad and miserable and that's enough. 

Love you girls,


I can breath now. After all the shit dates i think i found my scene. Was difficult i need to say. So, i will write how i realize and how this happen.

I was just walking on the street and listened a track from Pilooski that i really love coming from a house party. And is not a famous track or something, so that's kind of a sign! The door was not 100% close, so why not go in? Party going on, not invited but well, i'm good in make friends.
Good music, Hot guys. So i meet G. Hate at first sigth. The first thing G said to me was:
 " Your Hair Will be Better in a minimalist haircut" - souds gay here but def not at the moment. This type of reaction make me feel curious about the person. Rude guy, pretty eyes, bad attitude and brutally honest. I feel horny. In a crazy WAY i feel a strange connection with him. And you can say "Yes Carol you love dickheads." No. I just admire your courage and sarcarm, acctually in a deep way i think have a very insecure thing about this type of guys, they use sarcarm to hide the negative points and try to get your attention in other things, like his pretty eyes and curly blond hair. My self-steam is pretty good, maybe other girl dont get G like i get . He have nice moves on the dancefloor, and after a few minutes hating each other he was nice and kind. On the right dose. I was very into him, but i stay discreet about that. We discuss in a very natural way about what will gonna happen with us. He give me 2 choises..Go to his place or just give my number and maybe he can call on next day to have a dinner. Come onnnnnnnn!
Look like i know him for ages. He is really a lovely person to chat and have a good time with. The bad thing is he really look like my ex boyfriend in lots of ways. We go walking to his place, and i love night walks, and matched with the way he make me laugh was pretty good. He is unique. Is not very often when someone really make me feel that way. I like this type of person who disagree with me and try to prove me other point. He is just like that.
You know that little thing who make the person be what who they are. That's the point. When you feel the security and careless.A very light person.
 Messy room, but he had nice vinyls. Tim Hecker - Ravedeath 1972 was the soundtrack. I'M FEELING GIRLY WAY THAT'S SO BAD. Good taste in music turns me on like anything else in the world. He don't sleep without music on. Cute. Nothing really happend to be honest, we just sleep and talk for hours. He offer me a shirt.
The day after was Field Day, so i had plans with my friends and go to the festival after, i leave his home very early in the morning and he was sleeping. I was kind of in love with him, i think you guys noticed. He even get my number. Fuck. So i just leave my business card on your desktop.
After three days:
"You shouldn't leave your business card lying around In strange mens bedrooms!"


Dating in London - PT I


(So at first i need to say, my english can be pretty bad sometimes. But i will not write in portuguese anymore because, well,  im living in London, and im able to learn witht my mistakes, so please you are more than welcome to correct me. )

I can't remember properly because i never go out with people that i don't know or if i don't have friends in common, but, i can say i had the worst first ( and last) tinder date ever. The subject here will be deeper than online dating to be honest. Because this guy, makes me think lots about character. 
After days trying to choose one guy to be my first tinder date, i found this one, we can call him "The pretending guy" (TPG). 

First: If you don't know me, you need to know i'm a very open, out-going, smiling all the time, bubbly and energetic person. I'm very fresh and honest. And you will notice that if sometime you talk to me in person. Is very difficult a situation or someone put me down or make me mad. And i'm very bad in say NO. I always want to the person who are with me have a good time. I will never go out with someone if i'm not able to provide a good time, and good laughs. Even if the person is not good. I will never be pessimist or rude. So, thats why i'm dont go out for a date very often.

Ok. I was ready and going to meet him, when i notice that i forgot my wallet. So i back home. When i notice, i was forgot too my keys too, inside the flat, so yes, pretty funny, i was locked. I text him

"Hey TPG, i was on my way and i just notice that i forgot my wallet, in front of my door i notice that my keys was inside too. My friend will just get home in a few hours, very sorry for that, you want to reschedule? I can go anyway just to say hi if you want" photo attached:

I know, looks like i was pretending something to don't appear for our drink, sad, but whats happen was true, i was not pretting.

Anyway, a gentleman, probably would answer 
"Carol, don't worry, i'm here, come meet me". But he is TPG, so he wrote:

"Take your time"
"My time is 3 hours, more 30 minutes to get in Mayfair, are you sure?Is a long time for wait"
"Yes i will be here"

At moment i was thinking, ok, weird, but, such a gentleman. Bleh.
After 3 hours and 47 minutes:
I get there and meet him. Good looking guy, wrong shoes, but you can't have everything, drinking a scotch.

I don't find him attractive immediately. I like the suit guys type, but need to have something cool and trendy on his suit you know? And same time don't look like you try too hard to look good. He totally tried harder. Failed. And his greek accent was pretty annoying. Come on you live here for ten years, make some effort about the accent. 
At moment i was not overthinking about this, but i notice this guy had something wrong. Trying to be too misterious and sexy. 


Sorry, don't work with me. I like real man. Who is not insecure and afraid to show who really are. I don't care if you a homeless or millionaire. Be honest. Sexiest thing ever.

Anyway, i still there for one hour, just two drinks, he still drinking scotchs. I said to him  "i have a dinner with friends need to go, lovely to meet you"

"Oh! Sorry i just realize i forgot my wallet Carolina. You mind to pay for our drinks ?"

****************are you kidding me after 4 hours waiting for me get my wallet and after all this scotchs COME ON BIATCHE *****************************

Anyway, im pretty bad in say no or argue about this type of thing so, yes no problem.
NOW:  He still texting me and i really don't know why. I wish answer, why, need more free drinks??? But i'm to polite for this type of reaction and dont want to make enimies. You know, i really dont care when this happens, but be honest since the beggining! Come on be a adult. I had 4 hours to do the same thing i do. Totally mess. I hate when men make me feel stupid. 


Ok, i will not talk about this one because i like him. Handsome, cute, good music taste, hot body. He make things happen. Probably if i call him exactly right now he will suggest a nice place to go and have fun. But im at home, eating skittles. 
I don't know. So, if you are you and is allergic to cats, reading now, just need to know you are lovely.


 I will not write just about one guy here, but about 2, same type, and i really don't get this type of attitude. PS:. these guys are NOT from tinder.

This is a subject that i really never imagine write about, because this type of guys are not exactly my type. Can have great style, treat me very well and be incredible charming, but i just understand why this type of guys mostly are with hot blonde girls with big boobs wearing very thight outfit. Your taste must be bad to be with this type. Expensive don't means good, babes. 

(hahaha sorry i'm being dramatic with this title)

At first such a gentleman, very fun and making me laugh. Nice outfit. After a few drinks a real nightmare. Hopefully we was not just us. So in the end he just disapear looking for coke. I had fun with his friends and dance a lot.  This morning he text me:

"So Carolina did you like me?"
-"You know how to have fun, but i still don't know you well. What about you?"
"Nothing yet. LOL. You didn't seem very in to me"

UK DATING RULES: Here the girls in the clubs and pubs hitting on guys,i need to tell, in Brazil is the opposit. And for the "society" you are a slutty if you act like that there. I don't care if you are my friend and do this, i think is pretty fair to be honest. I just think i don't know exactly how to do this without lost the best thing: the guy fight for you and show some effort. I'm not judging. 

So ok, i will not show anything or start a sexy dance for you on the dancefloor. Looks like i will never will get a boyfriend around here.


2-This one are sexy. VERY SEXY. Like, i can stare 20 minutes just looking at a photo of him naked. The one around here, the only one who something happend with. Nothing more will happen after this story acctully. Charmer smile ever. He knows how to treat a woman. Sometimes. I think maybe he drink to much vodka, and for this guys are a problem. They became arrogant and not cool at all. Not with me, but with people around. Too much ego.  I was so into him when a bad thing happen. We was in a nightclub and had a few girls on his table, like models, incridible charming ones. One of his friend, lovely and beautiful one bring another friend, she was not good looking and a kind of fat, but she look totally fun. After talk with his friend he just talk with the beaufiful one:

"You can stay but your friend must go" 
She: "What??"
"Yes, she must go, not good looking enough to stay here"

The both girls go. I was chocked. Like, WE ARE IN 2014!!!!! COME ON, REALLY?????????
I really like him, but this type of thing... Can't handle.

FAIL. Go away with this tan and hot body. EW!


Looks like all the guys around here want to be a mix of Wolf of Wallstreet and Mr. Grey - But in a bad taste way. Guys, this is natural, you can't just become like that. You need to have the right refs. Stop to show off! Is nott cool at all! Is pretty silly and dumb to be honest. And doing this the only type of women you will get are the shitty ones probably. But if you are happy with this. Great. Have fun! 


What is really annoying me, is the guys approaching me very much around here, on the street, the taxi driver, on instagram, on website facebook page but any of these guys know what they want. I'm very direct "If you want to have fun (read sex), sorry, dont loose your time chatting with me, im not interested". Look  like english guys after this ,fall in love, is kind of insane. WHATS THE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU. Too disapointing with my last dates. I can't trust no oneeeee! I'm missing home. 

(loving this new orientation)

So. That's it. Tomorrow i will write about my "date" with the pizza guy, i don't know if you guys read my column for long, but last year i meet G in a ramdon party  that i was not invited here in London and i felt in love with him deeply. I was walking on the street and listened a track that i really love, the door was almost open so i just go in. I meet him now one year later. I don't write about guys who i stay with, but this guy really make me think about good points to write. 





(So at first i need to say, my english can be pretty bad sometimes. But i will not write in portuguese anymore because, well,  im living in London, and im able to learn witht my mistakes, so please you are more than welcome to correct me. )


Guys... ye, i know what are you thinking.. Really, Tinder as a subject? Thats right?
YES. Yes because here in London, Tinder works in a totally different way. Can i be honest? I have exactly 284 guys waiting for my answer or for i just say something. Thats freaky insane. I'm too full of myself? Not exactly. I will clarify your mind.

When i was in London last summer tinder wasn't borned yet. The guys here will not approach you in the nightclubs, gym, streets or pubs. No.. pretty difficult. But now, looks like a new era. THE TINDER ERA. So cyber, so 2014. I'm feeling so trendy.

After you push right side on tinder, you just wait a few minutes, and yes, he will not just say hello and how are you, but he probably will ask for you " lets go out for a drink tonight". I just felt scared, how easily this guys go out for a drink with strangers. The weird part is, they are incredible good looking (my selection, sure). 
I think on tinder you feel confident because, when you approach a girl or a guy in a club you are totally out of your confort zone, because maybe she don't like you. And on tinder you already have the approval so, pretty easy. I founded good ones there, but i'm not sure about go for a tinder date. Maybe i should go out with these 284, ops 285 now, sorry, and see how this works. I can, acctually try different characters on this dates. Or this is messing around with this lovely tinder guys maybe? Ok, i will not be mean. I can pick five and go out and see whats happen maybe. My way to do this is very simple. 

" - Hey tinder guy number 34, i'm going have some drinks tonight at _______ with friends, you should come with your friends"

Too cold? Too safe? Probably for me is the only way. I'm afraid. Serial Killer is not a trendy anymore so, yes, is dangerous.  I'm up to that. I will pick some different styles, from different areas, and if you have some suggestion, like how i should choose, or maybe suggest "Carol wear different wigs on dates",  i'm open to listen. 

Gramma, don't be afraid, i'm ok here and enjoying London. 




(Feeling home)

So at first i need to say, my english can be pretty bad sometimes. But i will not write in portuguese anymore because, well,  im living in London, and im able to learn witht my mistakes, so please you are more than welcome to correct me. 
I dont know exactly how to starts this, but after think lots i just realize, is better write the more personal things right here on my website.
So, mostly, i will write here about exploring this town calls London, going to the weirdo places ever and the poshy places ever, because god blees im really good in pick a style and get deep into. So, yes, probably will be pretty fun. 
I just arrive 5 days a go and i can say i had just surprising and amzing time here.
I will try quikly clarify for you guyssss:

My flight was the worst flight ever, really. But im here, safe and sound, and i need to figure out things and do what every normal human being do when arrive to a new city. Check my tinder. 

I probably get a flu or something like that because im feeling kind of bad. Im feeling weird to be honest, my english is faar away to be amazing, and i cant properly express myself to be honest. Im doing well but, you know, im soooo cool and funny in portuguese, im looking ridiculously serious here. Maybe im asking too much for my second day. Lets see whats happen.
So, I founded a gym. HOTTEST GUYS EVER. But ye, i cant be me at moment so, im shy.(what a joke).  What i can do to back to recognize me? Where all my confidence? Carollllll heeeelllooooo??????????

I can still complaining..or, i can go find something to figure me out. So i founded. Lets take a pole dance coreography class!!!!!! 


I run like, more than one hour and i had a zumba class. Yes, im really into get fit, and really into gluten free too. Doesnt matter. The thing is, im so tired.. i will get a shower and sleep.

11PM - Ohhhhhhhh a friend from brazil just calls. Not really a friend. A friend of a friend. Im with my facil mask on but, ye i will gonna clubbin tonight. I'm going to Maddox in Mayfair. Never been before. Lets see whats happend.

Guys, i was even notice, but after that, my adventures starts in London. So i will think about that, if you guys deserve details or not. Was 3 days/night of lots of fun. Or kind of fun? Oh shit.. I need to focus. 

I'm back soon.

Yes, such a cheesy picture just to shw you guys, how the air here helps my hair and skin. Blah! Fab!



Fav tracks of the week

Hello, hi, whats up tigers. Junkie week. So i decided: detox for me. I will try this next week meditate every day, write lots and eat healthy...Ye, and i can party, but i will drink water. Pretty fair. 
So, i'm stayin' at home most of time, and here is what I was into to this week.



Here is the soundcloud link


offline days actin' weird

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.


Fun Stuff Without Meaning


Why God

When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself. I'm not trying to be atheist or something. I just think your mind can change everything. And if you want to be anything, you will. Stop praying and start to live your dream. Fuck off the rest or what people think. Be gentle and and greatfull with the others, even with the bad ones. Just don't let them bring you down, trust in yourself and embrace your weirdness! Your life your rules! (remember: you don't need to be a bossy fucking rude bitch to have what you want. Spreding love is the hottest way).



Ye..you guys right..Maybe i should give more attention for my writing. I'm just overthinking about everything. Have lots to write. I'm just moving soon so you know that moment "waiting", ye, worst ever. So i'm trying sleep lots and drinking lots. But ye, doing this you can get tired and bored too. God bless music. I'm alive. That's what i'm into to the last week:

Keep Clubbin' tigers.